General Washroom Servicing

When nature calls, we answer with industry-leading products and superior levels of sustainable service. Choose a complete washroom solution. In addition to Selling or Renting the best washroom dispensers available, we pride ourselves on our after sales services. These services include Sanitary waste removal as well as the replenishing of consumables in all our dispensers. As we maintain our flexibility, all our services and service intervals can be structured around our customers needs.

With more and more people seeking a quality washroom experience, we have brought together a high quality range of washroom products from around the world, combined with a superior level of service to provide you with a new standard in washroom waste management and care.

Our bathroom solution provides a contemporary hygiene service designed to improve and enhance the washroom experience for your staff and customers, including sanitary bin systems, soap dispensing services, air freshening services, toilet seat treatments, washroom treatments and hand dryers.

We service our products in line with strict codes of practice, to ensure you receive well maintained and managed washroom services each and every time we visit.

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