Tick Treatment

What to Expect From Sanipros hygiene experts

Don’t let ticks get a free ride.

Ticks are hard to control because they live in trees and bushes. Often an infestation can go unnoticed until they show up on pets or people. Outside, keeping your grass short and your trees cut back from the yard can help. We will assess, treat, and monitor your home and yard to help keep ticks from hanging around.

Step One – A Free Tick Inspection (Assess)

Sanipros can provide a tick inspection on your home and yard. In addition to looking for current infestation problems, he can also check for ideal spots that may encourage ticks to hang out, like heavily wooded areas, tall grass, or even areas with high moisture.

Step Two – Getting the Job Done (Implement)

Once Sanipros hygiene expert assesses your situation, he will discuss a comprehensive plan with you. If needed, he can administer proper treatment to areas frequented by ticks. Sanipros hygiene experts can also advise you on possible ways to prevent ticks from hitchhiking back into your home.

Step Three – A Year-Round Solution (Monitor)

After the first treatment, Sanipros can create an ongoing tick treatment plan as well as give advice on how to help keep ticks at bay. Because of the weather changes, your tick treatment may have to be reapplied periodically based on your area and unique home.

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